Blood Martinis

A blog about Dru Lorand, vampire P.I. and his favorite things, including blood martinis.

A Strange & Dangerous Brew

Dru Lorand, vampire P.I.  and currently the Prime Inquisitor for the Protectorate, makes blood martinis at the drop of a hat, as long as there are quality blood flakes available. He’ll make do with inferior flakes if he has to. But Dru is a man of taste and breeding. Quality is important to him.

There are plenty of blood martinis made and consumed in A Warning in Blood, Dru’s first outing and the beginning of the first trilogy which introduces Dru and his world.

The recipe is simple and Dru never screws it up with any fancy or extraneous ingredients. Just premium vodka and extra high value concentrated blood flakes. Take a martini glass and fill it with  vodka. Then add a good dollop of ruby red blood flakes and give them a chance to spin down through the vodka.

Their deep-red trail through the glistening liquid promises a blood suffused buzz that is very satisfying.


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